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Over the years similar questions have come up.

How can I Pay?
Cash, Cheque, Internet banking, direct lodge.

When do I Pay?
At the completion of the job.

Do you provide a receipt?
Yes a written receipt is given to you at completion of job.

Is your work guaranteed?
All work is guaranteed. Any problem is dealt with immediately.

How do you charge?
Small jobs are charged hourly, bigger jobs are charged per qoute.

Do you carry all tools with you?
Mostly but there are certain tools that are job specific.

Do you work weekends or evenings?
Ideally no. However when you’re only available at weekends and evenings we can work a time out.

Do you do really smalls jobs?
Yes we do really small jobs. eg put up 1 curtain pole.

Who buys materials?
You can or we can. Any materials we buy we keep a shop receipt.

Can you deal direct with our tenant and we’ll pay?
Yes. Text on name, number and address of your tenant and we’ll arrange a suitable time with them to fix the problem and send through invoice to you.

Do you fix washing machines, dryers, ovens, fridges or other electrical appliances?
No. This is best left to the appliance manufacturer even if the warranty is up as they have all the parts necessary.