PostHeaderIcon Electrical Repairs


We carry out most electrical repairs. These services include (but are not limited to):

  • Replace light fittings, switches and sockets
  • Add new sockets in different places
  • Add socket for a TV half way up wall
  • Tidy up cables behind and around TV
  • Trouble shoot bulbs blowing, transformers and bulb replacement
  • Connect or disconnect ovens
  • Fix light under kitchen press
  • Replace kitchen extraction fan
  • Troubleshoot fuses/ trip switch blowing
  • Fix light above mirror in bathroom
  • Fix spot light not working even though changed bulb
  • Replace electric shower
  • Fix the pressure pump for water in hotpress
  • Fix hot water heating system ( electrical elements and timers )
  • Fix bathroom extractor fan
  • Replace damaged sockets and fittings
  • Add or fix exterior spot fittings

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