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Hang Curtain Poles

Yes we hang curtain poles and rails and curtain holders.

All curtain poles and rails hung to a professional standard

Do you supply the screws and wall sockets?

We supply the screws and the wall sockets

We use different wall sockets depending on wall type

Do you fix ones that have fallen down?

Fix curtain poles that have fallen down

Repair old holes

What types of curtains?

All sorts. All shapes. All walls – solid and partition.

To Book your fitting ring us now at 0877656063


Hang Pictures professionally & securely

Ring to book our picture fitters 087 7656063


Hang large mirrors, small and all bathroom mirrors

We hang large mirrors above fireplaces or where ever chosen. We guarantee the mirror to be secure, strong, level and at desired height.

Hang Shelves, kitchen cabinets, boxing bags, basket ball rings

We hang everything!!!!

 To book please ring 087 7656063