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Bathroom & Shower Repair Service

  • Very responsive to texts, emails and calls
  • Over 20 years experience
  • Background in Plumbing and Tiling
  • All work guaranteed
  • Only use high quality building materials
  • We use Long-lasting, mould-free, water resistant silicone 
  • We use Tile grout with a powerful anti-bacterial adhesive resisting mould and water resistant.

Bathroom Repair Services

  • Leaks – fix and find Leaks from both shower and baths.

  • Tiles – replace tiles

  • Grout – re grout, replace

  • Bath & Shower Seal – replace seals between bath and the shower tray

  • Panels – replace bath panels

  • Doors – fit new shower doors

  • Screens – fit new shower screens

Excellent Reviews for our Bathroom Repairs


” Fab job. I contacted Dave on saturday and today (Monday) he completed the job impeccably. The old bath tub sealant was replaced fully and the new sealant was applied perfectly leaving the bath tub area like new. I would recommend Bathroom fixer for any bathroom renovation job ” 

Michael Dempsey

” Great experience here. Called this morning at 9.30. The shower leak was found and fixed by 5.30. Great service.  Recommend for sure “

Alan Murray

” After my son used bathroom fixer in his apartment and seeing the result I got my bath and shower resealed and regrouted. Great job and I will recommend ” 

Aisling Matthews


Leaks from Showers and Baths

First Signs of a Leaking shower

  • Your downstairs ceiling gets a brown stain.
  • Wood or plasterboard around shower or bath starts to stain or hole forms.
  • Water is dripping onto the kitchen floor
  • The wood in the hallway is starting to rise

Why is the shower leaking? The shower tray has no obvious holes, the shower door is working, the shower tiles are solid. Possibly the reason the shower is leaking is not so obvious. There could be hidden problems. Water follows gravity and the law of the easiest path. The shower could be leaking because of the waste pipe, a small crack in the tray, a crack in the silicon. All these causes are difficult to detect. One thing for sure no matter how the shower is leaking it is causing damage. 

Where’s the bath or shower leak coming from?

The most popular causes of the shower and bath leaks are as follows

  • Crack or hole or missing tile grout
  • Missing, cracked or broken silicon seal between the tray and the tile
  • Cracked tile
  • Faulty shower door
  • Seals around the shower door
  • Crack or hole in the shower or bath tray
  • Loose or broken outflow pipe underneath the tray or bath.
  • Leak in the hot or cold water supply.
  • The overflow pipe not connected

What happens if you leave it?

  • Wall behind tiles gets weak – tiles start falling off.
  • The ceiling downstairs gets a large hole or collapses
  • The floor need to be taken
  • Walls need to be retiled or plastered or painted.

What do we offer?

We offer a find and fix solution

  • Find – Intensive detailed inspection to identify exactly where the shower / bath leak is coming from.
  • Fix – Normally we have a few solutions
We try to find and fix in the first visit unless the damage requires further work.

Possible Solutions to the bath or shower leak

  • Reseal the bath or shower
  • Regrout the tiles
  • Replace the outflow pipe
  • Replace shower door or shower screen.

For more, see our testimonials or get in touch

Clean Bath and Shower Tiles and Grout

We will clean the grout between bath / shower tiles and the bath / shower tiles. The bath / shower tiles may be black, yellow, brown now but we can make them white, cream, ivory or whatever color they were. We clean the shower / bath tiles and grout with chemicals, then scrape away the old tile grout, and refill with new tile grout. We polish all the tiles and grout and that’s it – restored to New.

We use high quality grout, fine and smooth giving the perfect finish, extremely water resistant, repels dirt, high protection against the forming of mould fungus.

We can clean down the shower door and the shower door clean and clear.

Looks great - Looks clean - Looks New -  Water tight - Strengthens tiles

Bath and Shower Resealing

Bath Resealing

Whether to cure a leak or just because the current sealant has become mouldy and unsightly, renewing the silicone sealant around a bath or shower screen provides a simple solution to freshen up your bathroom.

For a fixed price we will neatly and effectively renew the silicone sealant around your bath.

Our fixed price service includes a tube of quality white or clear silicon.

Text to 0877656063 to Book

Shower Tray Resealing

The most common water leak we are asked to deal with is a result of damage to the silicone seal around a shower tray. A fresh bead of silicone sealant applied by a professional is an effective way to ensure water tightness as well as a pleasing, mould free, appearance.

We charge a fixed price to reseal a shower tray, and just ask if you would like the shower enclosure resealed at the same time as the tray.

Text to 0877656063 to Book

Silicon Seals & Plastic Seals…

Replace Bath / Shower Silicon Seals 

We will remove the old silicon seals between the bath / shower and the tiles. Over time this gets black and moldy, worn and cant stick to the tiles and the bath / shower tray as strong as the silicon seal used to be.

When a seal breaks, its no longer water tight. Water will drip through the bath /shower seal and drip out of the bath / shower onto the bathroom floor. If the silicon seal is not replaced , then the leak can continue onto the ceiling downstairs.

Shower Bath Door Seals

We will replace the plastic seal at the bottom of the shower door or the bath panel.  

With constant movement over time, the seal rubbing against the shower tray or bath causes the plastic to break. Once its broken the bath seal is no longer keeping water in the bath. Water can escape through the gap between the door and the bath tray. Once water escapes from the bath then it can do anywhere causing damage until the leak is fixed

Reseal Shower or Bath

  • We remove all the old silicon
  • We clean and dry the area
  • We reseal with quality mould free silicon
  • Guaranteed waterproof and to look good


Loose Tile in Shower/ Bath

Its not going fix itself!!

Text to 0877656063 to Book

Replace Missing Tile shower/Bath

Tip: Replace Now!

Text to 0877656063 to Book


Grout and ReGrout

Over time grout and with constant use grout can get loose and come out. The primary purpose of grout is to seal the gap between tiles, tp form a waterproof layer preventing water getting between the tiles 

Secondly Grout effects how the bathroom looks. Grout with use and time becomes discoloured and gives off a worn tired look. 

To help solve these problems we offer a tile regrouting service.

  • We re grout tiles
  • We remove black mossy stains from grout
  • We refit loose tiles

Shower Parts we can supply and fit

 New Shower Doors

  • We supply and fit all shower doors and bath screens.
  • We fix existing shower doors
  • We seal around shower doors

Replacement bath panels, bath screens, hoses, shower holders



The Support Frame under a Bath

A bath is supported by metal feet legs with rubber feet, and normally by a wooden frame. The wooden frame consists of horizontal and veritcal lengths of wood. This supports and keeps the bath stable when we stand it. Stable is essential because a moving bath breaks the silicon seals, and moves the tiles, breaking the grout and loosing the adhesive holding the tiles. Before we know it we have a mess, a moving bath, broken seals, loose tiles, wet plasterboard, bath leaking downstairs…..the list goes on. The wood frame if exposed to water will become rotten. Rotten wood wont have the strength to hold up the bath. So when it gets rotten lets replace it and it stops all the other problems happening.

Customers Requests

A customer request “We need help finding and curing my leaking shower. I have tried all I can and cannot solve problem. Shower fitted less than four years. Leaking from corner of enclosure, stained kitchen ceiling”

“I am looking to get my shower resealed as the grout has come off a couple of tiles and the ceiling underneath has stained – we also have a few loose tiles in the bathroom that have come loose, would you be able to fix those too”

“we are keen to get our shower tray re-sealed”

“I have a leak in my shower, can you call me”

“I renovated my bathroom 5 years ago because I had a leak under the stairs. I was always told it was because of the bath upstairs. Bath was removed shower unit put in….and now I think over the last 6 months the corner leak is back…dripping onto the carpet”

“I am hoping to get the white subway tiles regrouted that go all around my bath up to the ceiling. And would like two shower caddies screwed to the corners. Is this something you could do?”

“How much would it cost to reseal a bath and replace the bath panel?”

“There is a leak from my bath which is going through to my downstairs neighbour. I think that the bath needs to be resealed.”

“I have a leak from my shower through to the ceiling of my kitchen causing a damp patch and would like a quote for the shower to be resealed”

“Had a small leak from my shower which I could not figure out. Andy had it sorted in a few minutes….”

“The original tiles are unbroken and can be replaced, but as they are tiles in the shower, I am keen to make sure that it is done correctly and doesn’t cause any leaks in the long term”

“There are 4 tiles that I have removed so far, but it may need the other 4 red/brown tiles in that section to be removed/replaced to fix the job correctly (see photos)?”

“Would you be able to repair/replace these tiles back onto the wall and ensure it is all waterproof? I assume they will need some sort of plasterboard, adhesive, grouting, sealant etc. (do you bring these, or do I need to provide them?)”

“I am enquiring about fixing a leak on bathroom tiles by a shower in an apartment” 

“I’m looking for a fix of tiles that have come loose in 2 showers”

“I need a price for finding and curing my leaking shower
I have tried all I can and cannot resolve problem.”

“Shower fitted less than four years, Leaking from corner of enclosure
Stained kitchen ceiling”

“I have 2 small mouldy areas of drywall that suffered an internal leak from the upstsairs apartment about a year ago.”

 “I am moving out and hopefully renting the house. I have a couple of tiles in my bathroom which are bulging out. Moisture must have got in in the past. I have sealed these myself over the years but I want to re-grout now if I am going to let the house. I have 2 spare tiles and the house will be vacant in approx a week. Is this something you could investigate on an hourly rate 1st to see what my options are for repair please?”