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Bath and Shower Leaks – we find – we fix

We are very experienced in fixing bathroom problems especially leaks

  • We fix and find Leaks from both shower and baths.

  • We fit new shower doors

  • We fit new shower screens

  • We replace tiles

  • We regrout

  • We replace seals between bath and the shower tray.

  • We replace bath panels

New Shower Doors

  • We supply and fit all shower doors and bath screens.
  • We fix existing shower doors
  • We seal around shower doors

Reseal Shower or Bath

  • We remove all the old silicon
  • We clean and dry the area
  • We reseal with quality mould free silicon
  • Guaranteed waterproof and to look good

Replace the seal on bottom of bath screen


Re-grout tiles / Remove Mould 

  • We re grout tiles
  • We remove black mossy stains from grout
  • We refit loose tiles



First signs of a leak

  • Your downstairs ceiling gets a brown stain.
  • Wood or plasterboard around shower or bath starts to stain or hole forms.
  • Water is dripping onto the kitchen floor
  • The wood in the hallway is starting to rise

Where’s the bath or shower leak coming from?

The most popular causes of the shower and bath leaks are as follows

  • Crack or hole or missing tile grout
  • Missin, cracked or broken silicon seal between the tray and the tile
  • Cracked tile
  • Faulty shower door
  • Seals around the shower door
  • Crack or hole in the shower or bath tray
  • Loose or broken outflow pipe underneath the tray or bath.
  • Leak in the hot or cold water supply.
  • The overflow pipe not connected

What happens if you leave it?

  • Wall behind tiles gets weak – tiles start falling off.
  • The ceiling downstairs gets a large hole or collapses
  • The floor need to be taken
  • Walls need to be retiled or plastered or painted.

What do we offer?

We offer a find and fix solution

  • Find – Intensive detailed inspection to identify exactly where the shower / bath leak is coming from.
  • Fix – Normally we have a few solutions
We try to find and fix in the first visit unless the damage requires further work.

Possible Solutions to the bath or shower leak

  • Reseal the bath or shower
  • Regrout the tiles
  • Replace the outflow pipe
  • Replace shower door or shower screen.

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